Let’s Assume it’s all true

Last night I got into one of those long and drawn out arguments on the twitter machine. It was fairly benign as far as those go. It started off with someone going out the deep end (or around the bin) on the whole Hunter Biden nonsense that has been circulating in conservative news circles. I simply retorted, “fine, I won’t vote for Hunter Biden.” That was enough to get it started.

Yeah, I know. I should have known better. The difficulty with arguing politics these days is that you are operating with two sets of facts. There are the facts from the mainstream media and then there are the facts from whatever ideological bubble the individual exists in.

So, I calmly laid out the facts from mainstream media sources. We don’t know that the laptop is his. He lives half way across the country from where the laptop was dropped off. I didn’t even go into the inconsistencies in the story concerning the computer itself. For instance, the computer drive was manufactured six days after it was supposedly dropped off.

Then, there were the reports of pedophilia from Hunter Biden and all kinds of business connections with China. It was clearly a barrage of bullshit. None of this has been reported in the mainstream media. It is the kind of stuff you would find in the National Enquirer or Weekly World News. Of course, this fact is a deep dive into the mind of a conspiracy theorists. See, the mainstream media is in on it. Facebook and Twitter are in on it. That’s why they refuse to publish it. It couldn’t possibly be for any other reason.

We don’t get traditional news anymore at our house. We stream out entertainment, so we get our news in bits and pieces. One of the guys I’ve stumbled on is a guy that goes by the moniker “Beau of the Fifth Column.” He is really a journalist named Justin King but he publishes quick commentary pieces under that pseudonym.

He went full matador on this conspiracy theory and simply postulated, “let’s say it’s all true.” So, let’s do that. Let’s say that Joe Biden used his influence to get his son a job at Burisma. Let’s say he knew about Hunter’s attempts to use the family name to make business deals with China. Let’s say his son is a pedophile. Let’s say all of these things are true. What does it really matter?

The first thing we would note is that Hunter is not running for high office. So, some of that really doesn’t matter. Hunter might indeed be a son of a bitch. Like I told the guy coming into the conversation. I’ll never vote for him. Some of that would fall on Joe though. Using his influence for his kid is wrong. In a normal election it might be a big deal if you could prove it.

We aren’t dealing with a normal election. We have a president that has let nearly a quarter of a million Americans die. We have a president that has used the office to enrich himself, his kids, and his son in law. We have a president that has had more than 20 women accuse him of sexual assault. We have a president that has been accused of pedophilia himself and used to pal around with Jeffrey Epstein. We have a president that locked up thousands of kids at the border and has just orphaned over 500 of them. We have a president that tried to extort a foreign power into digging up dirt on his political opponent. To make a long story short (too late), we have the most corrupt AND the most inept president in history at the same time.

So, your tales of standard corruption just aren’t going to fly. The point that they aren’t true is really immaterial. You cannot win an election by convincing us that Joe Biden is a bad guy. There is no way you can drag him down that far. You have to find some way to lift yourself up and you just can’t do that. Everyone knows what you are by now.

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for thefantatasyfix.com. You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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