The point of no return

Tomorrow is obviously a big day and everyone wants to just get it over with. However, a couple of news stories surrounding the election developed over the weekend and while they are election related, they are bigger than who ends up taking any of the offices.

The first has been a developing story for over a week. The Texas GOP is trying to get all of the drive in ballots in Harris Country thrown out. That would end up being over 100,000 ballots. The genesis of their case is that drive in voting was only supposed to be for disabled voters. However, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they are trying to do.

Harris County has been voting blue for the past few elections. It is possible that those individual ballots could be going for Biden and Hegar as much as 60/40 because of the demographics involved. The legal battle is an end around the system to limit the vote. It represents a step or two beyond their normal tactics. Don’t take my word for it. Let’s consider Speaker of the House in the Texas state legislature Joe Strauss.

We will leave that by itself. The next story is even more despicable. A group of Trump supporters in trucks decided to try to run a Biden/Harris campaign bus off the road. The intimidation tactic worked. The Biden/Harris campaign canceled all of their events for that day. The desired effect is plainly obvious. Texas is close and if that stunt sways one or two percentage points it could make the whole difference.

The sickening thing about this is the reaction to it on social media and the fact that it worked in the first place. Several people tried to downplay it and even blamed the damage on another vehicle on that driver. They were driving recklessly. It was their fault. It wasn’t the fact that a half dozen BAT (big ass trucks) were menacing all of the other cars on the road in addition to the campaign bus. Nope, it couldn’t have been that.

Of course, the second problem is that the president is cheering these people on. It never was about law and order. It has never been about the relationship between civil disobedience and potentially violent protesting. It is about what you look like and who you support.

We are hearing this rhetoric everywhere in this campaign. Lindsay Graham (senator from South Carolina) joined in the fun with this little tidbit about women in his campaign. This special dedication goes out to all the lovely ladies in the audience.

What does all of this add up to? This election is more than just one man. It is more than just about a few dozen men and women that will hold elected office. It’s not about presidents, representatives, senators, and judges. It’s not about school board members, county officials, and dog catchers. It is about who we are.

The quote from Strauss above proves this is not about Republican or Democrat. The divide in this country is not red and blue. The divide in this country is between the honorable and dishonorable. It is between those that believe in the rule of law and those that only follow the rules when it suits them. It is between those that believe in fighting to persuade as many voters as you can to win and those that want to intimidate everyone unless they support you.

If you have not entered the voting booth yet, consider this. If Trump wins then it validates all of the tactics we have seen in Texas over the last several weeks. It validates that. It affirms it. It tells those jackasses in the Trump trucks and the sleazy lawyers seeking to disenfranchise voters that it worked. They will not only do it again. They’ll do worse next time.

If Biden wins then it gives the opportunity for the GOP to rediscover their soul. I don’t want a world without conservatives. I want a world where conservatives come up with their own ideas and sell them to the American people in good faith. The GOP isn’t going away. They need to regroup and rediscover who they really are. They are not Trump. A Trump victory sticks his tentacles into them even further. This vote isn’t about either man. It is about democracy. How badly do we want to keep it?

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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