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The final tallies are not yet in. Yet, all the networks called this election on Saturday morning. The Associated Press has not called Georgia or North Carolina, but it doesn’t matter. The very worst Joe Biden can do is come away with 290 electoral votes.

The current count has him over 76 million votes. He has nearly five million more than Trump. The point differential is at 3.3 percent. That was a little less than what I projected in my pre-election post, but we aren’t done counting yet. It probably will end closer to six million and four percent.

Yet, the president rages on. He refuses to concede even though all of the networks have called it. Most of the states have called it. Heads of state are already congratulating Joe Biden and he has already given his acceptance speech. All this happened Saturday. It’s Tuesday morning and we are still hearing about fraud, legitimate votes and illegitimate votes, and legal briefs written in crayon.

We’ve come to expect this from the president. He’s the little kid from down the street that changed the rules, called do overs, and literally took his ball and went home. All of this because he can’t accept failure. All of the bankruptcies should have gotten him used to it, but those made him a smart businessman. Or, they weren’t his fault. Or, they didn’t happen. If they did happen then he meant for it to happen. As Eric Cartman always said, “screw you guys, I’m going home.”

My capacity to feel sad for that man is long gone. I will never actively root for anything bad to happen to someone. Yet, you rapidly get to the point where you just don’t care anymore. Watching the equivalent of a temper tantrum from a 74 year old man is unbecoming and pathetic.

What’s more pathetic is watching what is going on around him. Rudy Giuliani used to have some cache. I suppose people that knew him might say otherwise, but we thought he had some dignity. Watching him flail around in front of a landscaping company was either the height of performance art or the window into the inside of a man that has no soul.

Bill Barr is weaponizing the Department of Justice to find instances of voter fraud. No one could list any. They just know it’s there. If he had any credibility it might be concerning, but he has blown his wad acting like the president’s lawyer.

You have conservative commentators and statewide politicians refusing to acknowledge the obvious. When they came to the intersection of the road and saw dignity to the right and sycophantism to the left they dove faster to the left than Brooks Robinson stopping a would be single. Before it made perfect sense. He was the president. I understand unchecked ambition getting in the way of basic human dignity.

Of course, that phrase is the operative one now. He was the president. I suppose he still is in title and a matter of constitutional law. Once December hits the Biden victory will be official. Once January hits it will all be over. So, what does it profit anyone to kiss up to this man? What do you get out of it now?

That’s the truly pathetic part of all of this. People are so willing to debase themselves and their reputations for the fury of a man that has already lost. He can’t concede now. He’s waited too long. Everyone around him is trying to find what they call an off ramp. They want to find a way for him to graciously surrender and look good doing it. Unfortunately, that train has already left the station. It left the station even before the election was called.

What you should know is that Biden has already gotten to work. He’s already put a task force together on the virus and they will hit the ground running in January. He doesn’t need to meet with the brat for transition. The brat doesn’t know anything. He never did. He just knows that when you’re losing you change the rules of the game. You can’t change these rules. The game is over. It’s time to take your ball and go home.

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