The Blooper Reel

“It is a tale. Told by an idiot. Full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.” — William Shakespeare.

Things take on a fictional tone at some point. There’s the normal day to day stupidity that we all deal with and sometimes participate in ourselves. Then, there’s the foolishness going on in and around Washington D.C. They are bound and determined to make sure we aren’t going to get a Merry Christmas after all.

Attorney Lin Wood filed a brief in Georgia “under plenty of perjury.” If there was ever a Freudian slip it was this one. Of course, this is the same attorney that mispelled his own name earlier in the month on a legal brief submitted to the Supreme Court. I’m not sure which one is more difficult, the Lin or the Wood. I suppose proofreading is difficult these days.

The clown car traveled across the country as the apparent plan was for the party to send electors from battleground states so that they would be at the ready when someone in Congress protests the results of the Electoral College. Technically, they need someone from both chambers to make the same motion. That part is believable. Having the motion actually carry after even Mitch McConnel recognize Biden seems far-fetched.

Watching the security guard on camera deny the “electors” a spot in the Capital Building is just breathtaking. He dismissed them with the ease that a preschool teacher would dismiss a group of toddlers loudly announcing they were representatives from the school district there to confiscate everyone’s lunch.

Keep in mind, the afforementioned Wood told crowds in Georgia that they should withold their votes until the two incumbent senators stood up and defended Trump’s claims. So, let’s break this one down just for fun. Two people currently involved in an election should declare that the election that sent them into a run-off was fraudulent. Therefore, we could credibly claim they have no right to be in said run-off.

The alternative is that they say nothing and the maddened crowds would do their worst. They would withhold their vote and guarantee that the Democratic candidates win. All the while, we somehow convince thousands of voters that the last election was clearly rigged and this one will be rigged too. So, don’t participate in a rigged election. If you do you are just a fool.

The strategy makes sense when you look at it a certain way. Consider the plight of Texas A&M. They are fifth in the college football playoff rankings. They get to play North Carolina in a New Year’s Day bowl. They likely win that game. They can claim they would have won had they made it into the national semifinals, but they were robbed by the committee. Let’s ignore the fact that they likely would lose to at least three out of the four of the final four.

It’s scorched earth politics at its finest. Trump and those around him have no interest in actually governing. They wouldn’t know what to do if they did. The dead give away was the fact that Trump could never outline a plan for the next four years. Even when lobbed softballs on Fox News he just stammered his way to dreadful answers that said nothing. He didn’t have a plan for the last four years either. These past four years were never supposed to happen.

He never wanted to be president. He wanted to loudly claim that the fix was in so that he could complain about being robbed. He then could take ever fumble and every misstep and loudly proclaim he would have done better. The trouble is that at least some people have figured out that the current situation is his fault. We know he couldn’t possibly do better.

So, his merry misfit band of Jim Adlers and Morris Barts can file whatever briefs they want. They can misspell their names or promise perjury if they wish. They could even levy the Chewbacca defense. It doesn’t matter. The goal is not to actually overturn the election. The goal is to simply never to admit defeat. If enough people think it was stolen then you can continue to take potshots from the peanut gallery.

You’ve seen these people before. We all have. They are the ones watching a sporting event and telling everyone there how they would have done better than the professional on the court or field that’s actually doing it. Yeah, I finished Amen Corner two under par when I played it on the computer. Obviously, I could win the Masters.

Of course, if you believe them or me then you probably believe the president and his minions. However, most of you are on the same page. We laugh at those idiots when we watch the games together. We are laughing at the Lin Woods and Sidney Powells of the world as well. Let’s get through these last four weeks and move on.

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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