The best defense…

“Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let it go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away.” — Louis Bell / Adam King Feeney / William Walsh / Austin Post / Kaan Gunesberk

On some level you have to appreciate a guy like Josh Hawley. The vast majority of us would have buckled under at some point before now. The Democrats are all opposed to him. Many in his own party are against him. The national press and the press in his home state have called for him to resign. This level of obstinance is something to behold.

For those that have been living under a rock, he is one of the two primary senators that brought objections to the final count in the Senate when Congress was putting the final stamp on the presidential election on January 6th. He was seen pumping his fist to the crowd as they prepared to storm the capital. There are open investigations as to how much or how little he and Senator Cruz knew going into that whole event. It doesn’t take that much of an active imagination to foresee charges of conspiracy in his future.

Keep in mind that from a legal perspective, one doesn’t have to know about all of the elements of a conspiracy to participate in one. You don’t have to prove that Cruz and Hawley knew the Capitol would be stormed. You just have to prove coordination on any level with the Trump administration. The administration asked them to raise objections. Whether they knew that it was attempt to stall or what it was meant to stall for is certainly debatable.

When one participates in a failed coup there are a few options at your disposal. The first option is to put your head down, stay quiet, and hope it all goes away eventually. A second option is to apologize and beg for forgiveness. The third option is to resign your position like many people are calling for you to do. Hawley has chosen a fourth option. Attack.

He is launching a counter ethics complaint against Democrats in the Senate. On some level you have to appreciate the unmitigated gall. The link below describes this nonsense in more detail, but suffice it to say it is a calculated effort to gaslight the country into believing this is a legitimate point of view.

Rand Paul went on ABC peddling the same nonsense. The liberal media is being unfair because they have the temerity to call a lie a lie. It’s just incredibly unfair. Meanwhile, the GOP continues to call for unity without admitting culpability. They can continue to call the election stolen and suffer no consequences for it. The ex president shouldn’t be made to suffer any consequences for anything he did in the last four years because he isn’t president anymore. You shouldn’t arrest me for murder officer. See, the guy is already dead. What’s past is past.

When you take political science classes you eventually take a class in political philosophy. I took several. One of my professors called it learning about “old, dead, smart guys.” However, the professor that taught these classes was my advisor and a nice guy on top of it. One of the the things he taught us was the greatness of the circular argument.

Essentially, it involves starting with the end in mind and then using that end to prove the components of the argument. Trump perfected this when he asserted that any election that did not have him as the winner would be fraudulent. So, the proof that it was rigged comes in the fact that he in fact lost. If you accept the first premise then you must accept all the components of that argument.

Like most conspiracies, it breaks down when you consider the logic of it. Why would Democrats rig an election to gain the presidency but then lost seats in the House and barely win the Senate? How do people in those six affected states manage to declare the election that elected them invalid? If the ballots that were “switched” to Biden are invalidated then shouldn’t their ballots be invalidated too?

This is simple. The election was fair and Biden was the rightful winner all along. Hawley, Cruz, and Paul know that. They’ve known it all along. They each have tried to overthrow a fair election and failed. 99 percent of us would experience some shame and take one of those three options above. It is quite the marvel that those three (and more) apparently have no shame.

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