The Mafia Boss

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.”– Vito Corleone

I have to do a tip of the cap on this one. My supervisor at my other blog actually broke this one first. All that being said, I saw it yesterday before she broke it. I somehow got on Donald Trump’s mailing list. Actually, I’m pretty sure it happened since I left a comment on one of his White House polls basically calling him a jackass. With the way algorithms work, that makes me a supporter in his eyes.

I open them every once in awhile and glance inside. It’s good to know what the enemy is doing I suppose. I try not to look for too long. Doing so tends to raise my blood pressure and I’m already on so many medications and I don’t want to add that one to the mix. Usually they are somewhat sedate versions of the mendacity that he throws around on a daily basis. This last one should be viewed in its entirety.

It combines two things that should be noted. The first is one that infuriates Democrats and anyone that really knows what’s going on. “Which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented.” This is a common trick for him. Remember when “people are amazed at what they are finding” when he “sent” people to look for Barack Obama’s birth certificate? The statement above is about on that same level. Somehow numerous failed audits, nearly 100 different court cases, and defamation lawsuits equal confirmation.

It’s the kind of statement that cuts as many ways as you need it to and when you send it to your dedicated followers they are ready to lap it up. What’s funny is that these audits are finding some examples of fraud. They are finding that the counts weren’t exactly correct. The numbers did change slightly. What he’s not telling you is that they are finding the fraud on the GOP side. They are finding more votes for Biden and fewer for Trump.

However, it is the meat of the statement that is the most jarring. “If we don’t solve the President Election Fraud of 2020, Republicans will not be voting in 22′ and 24′.” At first glance, when you look at that you are left wondering if he really understands how this process works. Doesn’t he understand that if you want to erase the effects of the 2020 election that you actually need MORE of your people to vote? Of course he does. That’s what makes this jarring.

In parlance, he is basically saying, “gee, it’s a nice party you got there. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.” So, if Republicans don’t kiss his ring, pet the cat in his lap, and do him this favor then he is going to take the whole thing down with him. We know he can do it and we know he would do it. He already did in Georgia in their runoff elections.

He peddled his bullshit about the elections being rigged and how people’s vote wouldn’t be counted. So, many GOP voters stayed home because they figured the fix was in. Voila, the Democrats won both Senate seats. The prevailing wisdom at the time was that he just didn’t understand how his rhetoric was suppressing GOP voter turnout. He knew. He knew and didn’t care. He knew that a loss would actually serve his long-term interests better in some sort of perverted way.

One of the common refrains from my lifetime has been the lament that some politicians put party over country. They vote along party lines even when it goes against the interest of their state or the country at large. Here is a case where someone is clearly putting self over party. The cardinal rule of politics is that the losing party always has to distance themselves from the guy (or gal) that lost the last election. The Democrats couldn’t be Hillary Clinton’s party in 2020. They had to convince voters that they were just different enough to avoid the same fate.

A part of that equation is the loser moving on. They might continue in politics (as John McCain and Mitt Romney did) but they are no longer the head of the party. That’s just the way these things are supposed to work. Trump is equal parts mob boss and megalomaniacal madman. He can’t stand not being the center of attention. So, he will never admit defeat. Admitting defeat means he has to move aside. So, a party that lost the national election by more than eight million votes has to kiss the ring of the mafia Don. They have to play his greatest hits. They need to stoke the same responses from an ever shrinking herd as they lemming off the cliff. It sure is a nice party you got there. It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it.

Author: sbarzilla

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