Lean Forward

“There you stood, everybody watched you play
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say
‘Cause you’re still the same.”– Bob Seger

Every once in awhile, something invades my sacred space. Eva Guzman has done that in the mornings. I listen to local sports radio in my 15 minute drive to school every morning. Now, they are playing her ads as she attempts to unseat Ken Paxton from the role of attorney general in Texas. Paxton is the symbol of GOP excess in Texas and possibly the entire nation.

When we teach our students about irony we often bring up Paxton. He has been under indictment for nearly his entire term. You add in the obligatory example of an arsonists as a fire chief and a crook as the chief of police and you have yourself a perfect example. The fact that the number one law enforcement officer in the state is under indictment has to be a joke. The fact that voters knew he was and voted for him anyway is the cruel part of the irony. That and the fact that his trial might occur before the apocalypse.

So maybe Guzman is a better choice based purely on the fact that she hasn’t been credibly accused of a crime yet. Maybe I’m giving myself away and revealing my bias when I say yet. All I know is that 6:30 in the morning is way too early to hear about Joe Biden’s “radical agenda.” Biden has been called a number of things in and out of Democratic circles and radical comes nowhere near any of those things.

Republicans are good for two things. First, they somehow manage to label themselves as the law and order party when their politicians seem to be responsible for 90 percent of the indictments, convictions, and jail time. I suppose white collar crime doesn’t count. It is a tradition as long as life itself. Find a dedicated Q zealot and you’ve probably found yourself a pedophile. Projection is their spirit animal.

The second thing is that a Republican will call any Democrat a radical whether they be moderate or progressive. The Virginia race proves that, but we didn’t need any proof. If we are going to be saddled with the radical label whether we radical or not then we might as well go for it. We spend half of our time muting ourselves. Obviously, they don’t have the same issue.

So, Guzman is the flavor of the month. Paxton is the perfect MAGA stooge. He is willing to do anything the master wants and he already seems on his way to jail as soon as the courts get off their duff and actually hold his trial. Why shouldn’t he be the number one law enforcement officer in the state? So, keep trying Guzman, but just lay off the commercials early in the morning. 6:30 is way too early to get my daily dose of bullshit.

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for thefantatasyfix.com. You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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