Save us Brandon

“I gotta do it my way
Or no way at all.” — Mike Reno

Much has been written about the “Let’s go Brandon” phenomenon. In the show “The Simpsons” there was an episode where Homer joined a barbershop quartet. They wanted to come up with a name that would be hilarious at first and then lose its edge with each passing mention. They came up with the B Sharps.

Let’s Go Brandon is the political equivalent. It’s absolutely juvenile on any number of levels and demonstrates a kind of lack of respect that we have come to expect from conservatives. Leave it our state’s leadership to join in on the fun.

Abbott is now playing the role of the prodigal son. Of course, that would only be true if Abbott, Dan Patrick, and the rest of the Texas leadership were a little more respectable. At least the prodigal son from the Bible didn’t punch his father in the face or knee him in the crotch on his way out the door the first time.

See, we didn’t need any of these mask mandates, quarantine rules, rapid testing supplies, or anything like that. We are big, rugged Texans that love being on our own figuratively and literally. We have our own electricity grid. We have our own science when it comes to the pandemic. Just stay the hell out Brandon and let us live our own lives.

Oh wait a minute. Not so fast Brandon. Did I say I wanted you to get the hell out of Texas? I meant that we needed you to come save us from ourselves. It seems Abbott has come back and asked Brandon to save us. Sadly this wasn’t the first time and if he is reelected in 2022 it likely won’t be the last. Hell, if we have another winter storm like we had last year we might be going back to the well again.

In fact, Texas leadership did little to nothing to prevent that from happening. Thus, we see the pattern with Abbott’s leadership style. Insult everyone around you, do nothing to avert disaster, and then come crawling back when times of desperate. Except Abbott is incapable of crawling whether we are being literal or metaphorical. He seems too obtuse to realize the predicament he has put himself in.

This time it is in regards to Omicron variant of the corona virus. We didn’t need to be careful with this stuff. It was always a hoax until it wasn’t. So thanks for your help Brandon. I’ll stop insulting you long enough to accept it and then we will go right back to insulting you. I think I’d rather hear the B Sharps in concert.

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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