The Usual Caveats

“Any fool knows that a dog needs a home. A shelter from pigs on the wing.”– Roger Waters

The newest battle cry amongst conservatives is that Joe Biden broke his primary campaign promise. He promised to beat COVID-19, or at least that is what the right seems to say that he did. It’s fun watching people tie themselves into pretzels with their arguments. I suppose one could argue that we all do it at one time or another.

The Biden response to the virus has been fairly consistent actually. When the administration began, they hit the ground running and had some pretty ambitious goals in terms of vaccine production and distribution. They not only met those goals. They exceeded those goals. By the summer, they were lifting federal mask mandates for people who had been vaccinated. The unvaccinated were supposed to continue wearing masks.

Again, the conservative response has been that of the petulant child. Break it all down to its lowest common denominator and you get the basic phrase, “you can’t tell me what to do.” It really is something to behold. The pushback has been consistent and downright stupid. They seemingly alternate between questioning COVID’s existence and then blaming the president because he hasn’t defeated it.

Clay Travis has spent his career in sports commentary where he operates as kind of a shock jock and gambling expert. Somehow he graduated to political commentary and just being a general jackass. The tactic is straight from the conservative playbook. Complain about a problem. Offer zero solutions. Block the other side from implementing any useful solutions. Blame the other side for not solving the problem.

That’s been the local response as well. It could be Greg Abbott’s overarching ban of mask mandates. It’s one thing to block government entities from mandating masks. It’s something else to block private businesses of doing the same. Then, as we said before he is now begging the federal government for resources.

Omicron numbers are through the roof. Dr. Fauci told us that virtually everyone will end up getting it at some point. So, we cannot force people to wear masks. My district strenuously recommended masks and practically begged teachers to wear masks themselves so they could set a good example for students. Most of the administrators on my campus don’t wear one. The kid in my office that just had COVID doesn’t wear one. When leadership shows such blatant disregard I’m not really sure where to go from here.

Meanwhile, more locally our family has seen Christmas 2020 pushed back again. We couldn’t meet in 2020 because of the pandemic. 2021 was impossible because of work schedules and travel schedules. Then, the pandemic struck again to postpone our January meeting. Certain family members have COVID. They were the ones that refused to vax because they believed it was all a hoax. I just hope and pray it doesn’t hit them that hard. Maybe we can get together this spring when it gets warmer.

We want our life back. We want to be able to do the things we did before. The Clay Travis’s of the world can prattle on about how much of a failure Joe Biden is. These are the same people that booed their own hero when he told them he had been boosted. Their selfishness is costing the rest of us. They are the ones keeping this damn virus alive. Get vaxxed. Wear a mask. Sit down and shut the hell up. Or don’t do those things. When it comes to asking why we are still in this mess, get up and look in the mirror.

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