Two little lies and one big one

“And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgement of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song.” — Pete Townsend

Much has been said about the big lie. we could go back to Joseph Goebbels and his thoughts on propaganda. The big lie is important and it is the one that we focus on now, but there actually are three. There is the big lie, but there is also the long lie, and the shameful lie. We should start with the long lie.

The Long Lie

Donald Trump has done one successful thing in his life. He has managed to convince people he is a successful businessman. It has taken a long time, but this is the biggest of all the cons. How many bankruptcies has he had? How many business ideas have failed miserably? How much money does he actually have?

Yes, business people fail. They try things that don’t work, but it is the volume of failure that is staggering here. It is the incredibly bad timing and half-baked ideas that are mind-boggling. Who sells steaks at the Sharper Image? Who opens casinos that fail? How do these things work and how do we come to the conclusion that this guy is brilliant?

Well, if he is brilliant then he could run the country like he runs his businesses. We would be back on top in no time. Unfortunately, he ran the country exactly likes he runs his businesses. It’s why we are in the trouble we are in right now. That also plays into all of these accusations and how people interpret them. They all seem so stupid and so juvenile. How could someone so successful not only do these things, but also fail miserably at it? Well, if we understood the real history we’d understand that this is exactly who Donald Trump is.

The Shameful Lie

Watch clips of people at Trump rallies. Listen to friends and family that are strong MAGA people. Listen long enough and you will hear many of the same things. Trump did great things for us. He looks out for the little guy. He made our country great. Yet, when you ask them what he did to help them or make the country great they can’t seem to give you any specifics. The generalities they give usually have nothing to do with actually helping their situation.

The shameful part of the lie is that he did help them in some way. He gave them cover to espouse the things they want to espouse but can’t. They can’t even do it now, so they speak in code. The code involves talking about all of the things that he’s done for them. Yet, they can’t tell you what that is. They can’t tell you because they don’t exist.

The fact is that he hates the same people that they hate. The fact is that he hurts the people they hate is so much better. He angers the liberals so it warms their hearts. Some of them revel in this and openly admit it. Others have to speak in code. He’s done so many things for us. Yet, they can’t tell you exactly what he has done.

The Big Lie

We know the big lie revolves around the election, but that isn’t really what the big lie is. When you repeat the lies often enough people will believe. Not only that, but people seem to believe the bigger lies than the smaller ones. So, we focus on Hillary’s emails and Hunter Biden’s laptop. We focus on all of the insignificant stuff and ignore the huge stuff.

The media helps in this regard. They treat those things evenly. They feel like they have to give them equal time. Proportionality doesn’t exist. The press doesn’t call balls and strikes. The press makes sure there are as many walks as strikeouts. That’s obviously not the same thing.

So, the whole January 6th thing is just beyond the scope that some people can consider. They can’t understand the difference. They haven’t been made to understand the difference. That is the big lie. The big lie is that somehow what Trump and others do is somehow equivalent to the indiscretions of others.

Author: sbarzilla

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