Where’s the Humanity?

“It said, I’m gonna be like him, yeah
You know I’m gonna be like him.” — Harry Chapin

There are any number of moments in politics when our best intentions boomerang around on us. This likely happened to Sean Hannity when he aired a private voice mail from Joe Biden to his son Hunter. Of course, this assumes that Hannity has the emotional intelligence to understand exactly what he’s done.

If you’ve been living in a cave, we can simply say that Hunter Biden has been dealing with a drug problem off and on for most of his adult life. This drug problem has caused him to be in and out of trouble and that trouble has sometimes involved his father. Of course, anyone that has an extended family knows this story all too well. There’s someone in the family that could be called the “black sheep.”

Anyone that is a mother or father spends their days and nights praying this never happens to them. If it does happen to them they pray for the kind of patience, grace, and wisdom to know how much to help, when to show tough love, and when to just accept their child as they are. The message from Joe Biden to his son is posted below.

So, what you have is a loving father who is acknowledging his son’s struggles and trying to get him to see those same struggles. It’s a father that wants his son to get help, but also to make sure his son knows that he loves him no matter what. It’s a father that admits he doesn’t have all the answers. There for the grace of God go us.

There is a passage somewhere in the Bible about living in glass houses. I’m sure that same sentiment is in nearly every holy book. Hannity’s own life could be laid open for the whole world to see and I’m sure there are parts that he wouldn’t be so proud of. In particular, the obsession with Hunter Biden and his criminality is just bizarre. No one is arguing that he skate on any of his so-called crimes. Maybe he has gotten preferential treatment over the years, but I’m sure Hannity doesn’t want us to look too closely at his own situation.

If we are looking for direct parallels we could look at TFG’s own children. It is pretty clear to everyone that is paying attention that his oldest son has some sort of problem. I’m not here to speculate because it is not place and it directly flies in the face of the point I’m making. However, if we can see the problem couldn’t his family as well? Have they offered him the same love that Biden offered his only surviving son? We can’t know for sure, but something tells me they haven’t.

Either way, our disparate humanity demands compassion. It demands genuine empathy for those around us. We hope and pray that we never have to go through what Joe Biden has gone through. We do everything in our power to prevent it. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail in spite of our greatest efforts. We can’t shield our children of every evil the world can throw at them. We are truly horrible people if we revel in someone else’s struggles.

Author: sbarzilla

I have written three books about baseball including The Hall of Fame Index. I also write for thefantatasyfix.com. You can follow me on twitter @sbarzilla.

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